«SoyuzKomplekt LTD» is an industrial company working in oil and gas industry, energy and telecommunication services markets.
The process of applying of innovative technologies and cutting-edge materials has become the main feature of this company. Designing new equipment «SoyuzKomplekt LTD» pays great attention to its operational characteristics which gives an opportunity to use it quite effectively.
The conformance of the equipment is certified by various certifications as well as proved by applying in real conditions. The cathode protection equipment was included into the General Register of such natural monopolies as PJSC “Gazprom” and PJSC “Transneft”. Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 within Voluntary Certification System ISO 9001:2015 within GOST R System was integrated into the company itself.


The Cathode Protection Equipment:

  • cathode protection stations;
  • alternate current-drainage systems;
  • power protection units;
  • current control devices;
  •  terminal-block cabinet;
  • iron silicon anode bed;
  • magnesium anode protectors;
  • reference electrodes;
  • metering operation centers (test-stations);
  • corrosion monitoring system.
An underground communications crossover and processing areas marking equipment:

  • pipelines and oil product pipelines;
  • tank batteries
  • gaslines;
  • flowing plants;
  • underground storage facilities;
  • oil and gas field pipelines;
  • cable communication lines;
  • power cable line etc…