AB.SК.L TU 3435-034-09890805-2018


Long anode beads (AB.SK.L) are used in anti-corrosion protection systems:

  • main, field and other pipelines and multi-line pipeline systems in any soil: rocky, arid, desert and permafrost, with a specific electrical resistance of more than 350 Ohm / m;

  • branched communications of compressor, gas distribution, oil pumping stations, thermal power plants and industrial sites for other purposes;

  • underwater crossings of single-line pipelines and their multi-line systems, for linear parts of main pipelines;

  • technological tanks for any purpose, including the inner surface, for valve assemblies and pipeline connections;

  • port and berthing buildings and structures, platforms and other hydraulic structures.

  • Long service life

  • Anode beads switch equipped with a corrosion-resistant cable for use in ECP systems

  • Availability of several modifications of execution for use in various operating conditions

  • Reliable fastening and sealing of the point of contact between the current supply cable and the working electrode

  • Relatively low rate of anodic dissolution and, as a consequence, low weight of the working electrode

  • Possibility of using in difficult conditions where AE of other types are not installed (for example, the inner surface of tanks)

AB.SK.L are manufactured in two types:

  • type 1 (hereinafter AB.SK.L1) with a working element made of an electrically conductive polymer (ethylene-vinyl acetate – 55%, soot – 45%), is a product consisting of a conductive core in a coaxial sheath of an electrically conductive polymer located in a fabric sleeve filled with graphite activator;
  • type 2 (hereinafter AB.SK.L2) with a working element based on titanium Grade2 (analogue of VT1-0 according to GOST 19807) coated with MMO, the working element is made in the form of a wire, is a product in which a wire working element and an insulated conductive core are placed side by side in parallel and there are insulated electrical contacts between them with a set pitch of 3 meters, this structure is located in a fabric sleeve filled with a graphite activator

To supply electric current to the working element AE.SK.L type 1 and type 2, a cable is connected.

AE.SK.L for the CP system are manufactured in the following designs:

– standard – for use on the linear part of the main pipelines, technological pipelines of the pump station;

– modular – for use under the bottom of tanks.

Anode beads AB.SK.L meet the general technical requirements OTT-29.100.99-KTN-181-12 rev. 2 “Main pipeline transportation of oil and oil products. Electrochemical protection. Long anodes” and are included in the “Register of the main types of products purchased by PJSC Transneft”.

Main characteristics



Outer diameter, mm

from 36 to 60

from 36 to 60

Length, minimum, m



Specific weight, kg / linear meter



Cross-section of copper conductor / connection cable, minimum, mm2



Specific value of the rated current, mA / linear meter



Maximum permissible specific density of the anode current, minimum, mA / linear meter



Long-term permissible current loads on the copper conductor / connection cable, minimum, A



Product service life at rated / maximum current load, minimum, years



Electrochemical equivalent of a working element, minimum, g/(A*year)



Active area of 1 linear meter of the ground earther surface, minimum, m2