CCD.SК ТU 3435-014-09890805-2014


Current Control Devices of the anode beds (CCD) are used in CPS (Cathode Protection Systems of the continuous underground metal objects (pipelines) from corrosion. They are designed for regulation of the protective currents control of the anode beds and for currents distribution into the anode beds.

  • Current-drainage measuring and indication for each channel (for CCD-M.SK only)
  • Setting up of the process of integration of current drainage for each channel for CCD-M.SK only)
  • Current measuring shunt in each measuring channel

Current Control Devices CCD-SK are produced in following configurations:

  • SK is a device made on the bases of terminal-block connector and current measuring shunt for setting up cables from the anode beds connected with a utility bus on the one side with setting up with a positive terminal of CPS.
  • CCD-M.CK made on the bases of the multilink devices. Constructively this unit consists of two assemblies: a power block and a regulation block. The power block is designed for setting up the anode beds connected with a utility bus on the one side with setting up with a positive terminal of CPS. The regulation block is designed for current-drainage measuring in each current channel and gives an information about a fault-free channel.

CCD.SK affords to connect of conducting tracks of the anode beds with the positive terminal of CPS and gives an opportunity to meet the requirements of the setting up process ESD and GSD according to BR 29.240.00-TRR-163-16 “Service Electric Power Transmission Lines and Cathode Protection Units. Maintenance Rules and Regulations”, BR 91.020.00-TRR-170-17 “The Main Pipelines Transportation of Oil an Oil Products.Cathode Protection System of the Objects of the Main Pipeline.Design Rules and Regulations”.

CCD.SK.СК and CCD-M.CK after being delivered are installed in MOC.SK Column (P02 type)

Total operational current of one channel, А 5, 7,5, 10 5, 7,5, 10
Quantity of the channels 10, 20, 30 10, 20, 30
Total cable cross-station of the anode «+ СPS», mm2 1×35 or 2×25 1×35 or 2×25
Total cable cross-station of the anode bed, mm2 10 10
Current integration rate for each channel 24 ÷ 240
Independent current channel indication +
Automatic combining and total current indicator +
Operating temperatures range, ˚С -60 ÷ +45 -60 ÷ +45
Permissible humidity, % 98 98